Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I'm tired of reading stuff everywhere saying that Manchester United is gonna be lousier after ronaldo and tevez left.

Well i know they had a big influence in manutd (especially ronaldo with his 100 over goals for manutd) and no doubt they will be miss, but i think now that ronaldo left, other players can now show what their made of too. and + we have Antonio Valencia and Michael owen and not to forget united's youngsters Macheda and Welback . i feel this season is a time for the youngsters to shine

And not only that, this is a chance for manutd to play a different style, and a more team game..
anyway, it doesnt matter to me if manutd dont win this year ( BUT I KNOW THEY WILL)
cause they are still best..

Ps: anelka suck-eth


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