Sunday, May 13, 2012

No matter your age or how much you grow.
you will always look back and think... seriously? i wrote that?

even for this post , in the distant future.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I'll see you guys soon

Haven't blog in a while..
Ydp just ended and not to mention Spm as well
but to me YDP has always been more important
many emotions felt

and i know what i'm capable of and where i stand.
i knoweth that which i cannot reach
I certainly hope to see you guys real soon, maybe today ,
tomorrow , next week , months
a whole year till the next YDP?
Time flies but not when you want it to.
I'll be keeping in touch =)


I'll also being you soon,
for those we lost this year ,
and few years before..
all our brethrens and love one's who we have lost
we all still miss you
I have not forgotten Ben
I imagine what it would have been like with Ben around in YDP this year .
and then i try to imagine how nice it is in paradise too , but i can't
I'll see you soon

Soon , not because i'll be dying anytime soon
but rather this life on earth compare to eternity.
I pray that i'll keep the faith
so that i will be seeing those that we can't see on earth anymore

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy birthday Me

Don't usually blog and havent done so for ages,
but am doing it now anyways

Had a great time today , really great time , thank you all for coming,

It started off with jae wen staying over at friday , that stupid dude tried to bday bash me , hahahha
and then had add maths class with randall and then went out makan Kuay Teow, randall despo eat that one .. lol
Then went watch movie , me and jae wen only , STEP 3
Awesome movie , best dance stuff i ever seen
its a much watch !!
Filled my stomach with popcorn and then came back to



HAD A BIG SURPRISE by all my friends =) Love you guys man..

Really had a good time and really good food man
After that ,we watch My name is Khan!
Quote : oh no don't die .. please don't die , don't die *starts shaking head like an autistic guy =P
Awesome movie , i think everyone thoroughly enjoyed it .

I wanna thank all you guys again for just being there, its already the best birthday present i can get from you guys.. =)
I hope i can be a stronger , more faithful christian and also more hardworking and stop slacking for SPM !!!

Special thanks to Jae wen cause i know you planned it all without me knowing =D and also Joel too for the awesome dinner and everything else =D
Thanks to everyone for the gifts =D

Monday, December 14, 2009

Giggs the 2009 BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

Giggs claims BBC crown

Ryan Giggs has added yet another accolade to his already bulging collection after being crowned the 2009 BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

The midfielder beat off competition from a host of top sportsmen and women, including F1 champion Jenson Button and world heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis who came second and third respectively.

The Reds' record appearance-maker came out on top after winning the public vote becoming the first footballer to win the coveted award since former Red David Beckham in 2001.

Giggs was presented with his award by Olympic cycling legend Sir Chris Hoy and England cricket star Freddie Flintoff at a star-studded ceremony on Sunday night at Sheffield Arena. Ryan was visibly shocked during the presentation, but absolutely delighted by the honour.

"This is a big shock," admitted the 36-year-old. "I'd like to thank the BBC for putting on a brilliant night and everyone who voted for me.

"Honestly, this feels unbelievable. I've been lucky enough to win a lot of things in my career, playing with great players, playing for the greatest manager that's ever lived, and playing for the greatest club.

"I grew up watching the Sports Personality programme and to join the greats who have won it is unbelievable. A huge thank you again to everyone."

Article found at{F9E570E6-407E-44BC-800F-4A3110258114}&newsid=6644071

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ryan Mighty!!

Sir Alex Ferguson insists Ryan Giggs has simply continued where he left off last season following a string of impressive displays this term.

On the back of curling home a brilliant free-kick in the victory at Spurs and keeping up his record of having scored in every Barclays Premier League season, the midfield veteran produced an awe-inspiring display in last weekend’s Manchester derby playing a part in all four of United goals.

Sir Alex says the way Giggs, now 35, has maintained his high level of performance is ‘remarkable,’ and points to the Welshman’s hard work off the pitch, as well as on it, as the key to his success.

"The horrible part of being a footballer is that at some stage you are finished with the game — age catches us all. When someone like Ryan is playing at the level he is at, he realises to stay there, he has to prepare himself in the right way. He has to look after himself and do the right things,” explained the boss at his Friday press conference.

“It’s a lot to do with how he lives his life and prepares for games, and he’s helped by the fact he’s got a good physique. He has never carried any weight and has always been a slim athlete.

"It is not a matter of him defying his age. It is more a case that there is no discernable deterioration in his game at all. It is remarkable. I don't know what else there is to say about him. His form is just the same as it was last season.”

Monday, August 31, 2009

Wenger Got Style

Wenger trying to be Moses =P

He definately got style

His a good manager, his team played well and he should'nt have been sent off, but .. its still funny =P

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Flying Ryan - United's unstoppable force

There's every chance Ryan Giggs will play an important role against Arsenal on Saturday. He was given the day off for the trip to Wigan after his unrewarded efforts against Burnley in midweek. It's another sign of Sir Alex using the wise wisely.

Life at Old Trafford without Ryan Giggs in the first-team is almost unthinkable. But in the summer you'd perhaps been forgiven for thinking this was his victory. One last hurrah. After all, he's nearly 36 and has clocked up a lot of miles over 20 years as a professional. But judging by his displays against Chelsea, Birmingham and Burnley, I don't think that's the case.

It's incredible to think that Giggs had a testimonial eight years ago this month - a 4-3 defeat to Celtic in August 2001. It's usually an indicator of a career nearing its end. It was nothing of the sort.

Giggs is in his 20th season as a United first-teamer - making his debut against Everton at the end of the 1990/91 campaign in the old First Division (!) - and he continues to push the boundaries of his evergreen talents.

He races past appearance landmarks effortlessly, and his still-energetic displays consistently belie his age. That's partly because he's the consummate pro. He said recently he gave up the drink years ago, took to eating fish in an ultra healthy diet and still does yoga - which solved his previous susceptibility to muscle pulls, hamstring strains in particular. He has absolute respect for his physical condition.

At 35, he's United's oldest outfield player. His contract runs until the end of the season, but I think he can easily play on for another year after that, until summer 2011, at which point he'll be just a few months shy of his 38th birthday.

The longer Giggs carries on, of course, the more time he'll require to recover between games, but his influence is invaluable no matter how sparingly used. His input is especially needed as Sir Alex continues to blood up-and-coming young players.

His popularity and infuence in the dressing room is essential. Alongside fellow first-team patriarchs Gary Neville and Paul Scholes, Ryan sets the tone for standards expected at United, on and off the pitch.

To the likes of Federico Macheda, Danny Welbeck, Jonny Evans, Darron Gibson, Rafael, Fabio and the emerging crop now in the youth and Reserve sides, the benefits of having Giggs there to observe and learn from are immeasurable.

But he's more than a mere figure head. Much has been said about adapting his game to suit his physical strengths as he gets older, evolving from rampaging winger to composed midfield playmaker and, perhaps more and more this season, impact sub. It's a role Ole Gunnar Solskjaer mastered, studying games from the bench, understand what's required in particular stages of matches, then applying it on the field.

There are online campaigns and petitions to 'get Giggs knighted', and you can argue such a title would be wholly deserved. His talents have kept him at the top of his profession for two decades - a feat only a select few greats achieve.

Having a ‘Sir’ on the team-sheet would seem out of the ordinary, but then we're not talking about an ordinary player. And the longer he's around the better it is for United.

This Article can be found at{83A644F4-1A7E-48B9-AF95-4605613A9A18}&newsid=6638036&page=1

Friday, August 14, 2009

Muse - United States Of Eurasia (+Collateral Damage) - (The Resistance)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Muse - Uprising ( The Resistance)

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Lord Of The Rings - They Are Taking The Hobbits To Isengard

I found this video when i had nothing better to do and was searching around youtube...
lol..its funnyyyyyyyyyy maybe not to u but HAHAHHAHAaaaaa

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Coldplay - Strawberry Swing

Awesome song and video, just watch it, its reallly good!!


I'm tired of reading stuff everywhere saying that Manchester United is gonna be lousier after ronaldo and tevez left.

Well i know they had a big influence in manutd (especially ronaldo with his 100 over goals for manutd) and no doubt they will be miss, but i think now that ronaldo left, other players can now show what their made of too. and + we have Antonio Valencia and Michael owen and not to forget united's youngsters Macheda and Welback . i feel this season is a time for the youngsters to shine

And not only that, this is a chance for manutd to play a different style, and a more team game..
anyway, it doesnt matter to me if manutd dont win this year ( BUT I KNOW THEY WILL)
cause they are still best..

Ps: anelka suck-eth

Friday, July 10, 2009

Muse- Invincible

I was wondering if i still like muse so i went searched their videos and guess wat? I STILL LOVE THEM!! Here is one of my favorites , Muse- Invincible
i like it cause its quite meaningful and also it kinda makes you slowly more "semangat-ed" and then the end is a awesome!!

hope you liked it!
there also some others songs i just added to my playlist , muse -feeling good , the killers- For Reasons Unknown and the killers - All there things that I've done, really nice song , Do hear it!!! Its at the bottom of the blog btw.. =)

Monday, July 06, 2009

i wish i could stop

I gotta stop doing stupid stuff and say stupid things that makes me lose my frens..
I know i gotta change, but i dont know WHAT and HOW to change
Need some support
( so do tell me if i do stupid stuff or say stupid words )

Stupid Me

Saturday, July 04, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Michael Owen Joined Manchester United!

Manchester United has signed Michael Owen!!
Yesterday , Sir Alex Ferguson called him for lunch to discuss about the possibility of owen joining ManUtd.. so after a successful fitness/medical test .. Owen Has join Manutd

I hope he does well ! and if he doesnt.. it doesnt matter.. cause his on a free transfer anyway =P
Hopefully he gets to score some goals for us and release his inner talent and also make it back to the England Team.

Good luck Owen!
get a playlist standalone player get ringtones!