Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dearest Ben

I really felt like just writing this out.. felt better when i did it..

Dear Ben,
It’s been around a year since you left us, questions of why God took you back so early still lie in my head. That question I leave God to answer but all I know is that you’re in a much better place.
I can’t imagine how your family feels when even I already miss you this much. I have prayed to God to keep your family strong, that they will continue to trust in God. I’m glad I managed to see and talk to you in the hospital then. That was the last moment I spent with you. Each day I miss you less, the pain of losing you is gone , but you are always in my heart because no one can ever replace you. We used to have a lot in common and memories of you still lie in my heart. I remember sharing songs with you through Bluetooth, seeing you jog around the Andalas court, talking about similar Computer Games .There were many things I learnt from you and eventhough all these memories are not much, I do highly treasure it. I even dream about you sometimes. I do hope to meet you in heaven, but before that , I know I have to be faithful to God until death as you have been..

I’m not the only person that misses you for there are many others…..There are many who can write this letter much better than me.... but this one comes straight from my heart and indeed , words can’t express exactly how I feel … so this is my short letter.

Till We Meet Again in Heaven..
Ern Shern

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