Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy birthday Me

Don't usually blog and havent done so for ages,
but am doing it now anyways

Had a great time today , really great time , thank you all for coming,

It started off with jae wen staying over at friday , that stupid dude tried to bday bash me , hahahha
and then had add maths class with randall and then went out makan Kuay Teow, randall despo eat that one .. lol
Then went watch movie , me and jae wen only , STEP 3
Awesome movie , best dance stuff i ever seen
its a much watch !!
Filled my stomach with popcorn and then came back to



HAD A BIG SURPRISE by all my friends =) Love you guys man..

Really had a good time and really good food man
After that ,we watch My name is Khan!
Quote : oh no don't die .. please don't die , don't die *starts shaking head like an autistic guy =P
Awesome movie , i think everyone thoroughly enjoyed it .

I wanna thank all you guys again for just being there, its already the best birthday present i can get from you guys.. =)
I hope i can be a stronger , more faithful christian and also more hardworking and stop slacking for SPM !!!

Special thanks to Jae wen cause i know you planned it all without me knowing =D and also Joel too for the awesome dinner and everything else =D
Thanks to everyone for the gifts =D
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