Saturday, December 25, 2010

I'll see you guys soon

Haven't blog in a while..
Ydp just ended and not to mention Spm as well
but to me YDP has always been more important
many emotions felt

and i know what i'm capable of and where i stand.
i knoweth that which i cannot reach
I certainly hope to see you guys real soon, maybe today ,
tomorrow , next week , months
a whole year till the next YDP?
Time flies but not when you want it to.
I'll be keeping in touch =)


I'll also being you soon,
for those we lost this year ,
and few years before..
all our brethrens and love one's who we have lost
we all still miss you
I have not forgotten Ben
I imagine what it would have been like with Ben around in YDP this year .
and then i try to imagine how nice it is in paradise too , but i can't
I'll see you soon

Soon , not because i'll be dying anytime soon
but rather this life on earth compare to eternity.
I pray that i'll keep the faith
so that i will be seeing those that we can't see on earth anymore


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